Introductions הצגה עצמית באנגלית

איך עושים הצגה עצמית באנגלית

Hi everybody. Welcome to my video. My name is Ariel and I’m an English instructor, and

today I’d like to give you a short lesson. I understand that most people have difficulty

with feeling comfortable in front of other people and while speaking and so today the

lesson is really going to be a short introduction on how to meet people and how to introduce

yourself to other people. So I’m going to begin with introductions. So how do we meet

other people? If I meet you for the very first time, what do I say? It would usually be something

like: “Nice to meet you”. “Hi, my name is Ariel, nice to meet you” and then you could

answer: “My name is (your name), nice to meet you too. Exactly, so that’s kind of simple

and most people know that and what happens when you run into an old friend? Run into

means – I happen to see a friend just by chance, I wasn’t planning on it but I ran

in to a friend. You could tell your husband or your wife: “Hey, you know I ran into David

at the restaurant.” – Meaning: I didn’t mean to meet him but I just happen to see

him. So for example, if you run into an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time,

what can you say? “What you doing here?!?” No. How about: “What brings you here?” Can

you say that? What brings you here? Very Good! And so the other person could tell you whatever it is that brings them here – “I’m here for work” or whatever and for example

if it’s an old friend that you haven’t seen in a long time, what would you say? Well,

“How long has it been?” “How long has it been? Has it been a year, 5 years? Oh! I haven’t

seen you since high school!” “It’s great to see you!” – “It must be about 5 years or

so” You could say that. “It must be three months or so, we haven’t seen each other”

And then what do you say? What else can you say? Well, if you’re meeting this friend that

you haven’t seen for a long time, you may want to give this friend a compliment, and

you could say something like: “It’s really good to see you again.” “It’s really good

to see you again.” Can you say that? Pay attention to the intonation, the way I say it. “It’s

really good to see you again.”

And then what would you do? You could start the small talk, naturally: “How’s everything

going?” “How’s everything going? How is your wife? How are your kids?” And you may also

want to give a compliment: “You’re looking very well” “You’re looking very well”.

Excellent, so that was a short introduction to my video, I’d like to thank you very much

for coming here, and I hope to see you again very soon, bye.

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